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Cross the digital divide.


Address issues of opportunity, access, knowledge and skill, individually and at the policy level.

Digital inclusion, digital literacy.

Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, products or solutions.


Change (something) completely and usually in a good way.


Welcome to Global Resources. Experts in information and communication technologies and infrastructure planning, implementation and management in developing and emerging nations.

Who are we?

We are senior international professionals, who are committed to using our education, expertise, creativity and insights to create project solutions that support affordable and equitable access to communications for all.

Trained in the fields of communication engineering, information technology, cyber security, operational support systems and enterprise architecture, process improvement, development economics, global business, strategy, management, finance, policy, regulation, and international trade, we bring experience from these disciplines, and our projects, to all that we do.

Since our launch, we have designed and supported our clients’ ICT goals, yielding financial, economic and social development benefits for citizens, communities, and countries.

Each one of us is a consultant by choice, an analytic thinker and motivated problem solver. As a firm:

  • We provide strategic business case analysis and review as well as due diligence for international business clients that are contemplating investments, ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or divestures in developing and emerging nations.
  • We assist governments and ICT stakeholders to establish ICT sector goals and national development plans, and support government organizations that use ICT to boost economic productivity and / or facilitate the movement of goods and services within and across national borders.
  • We help clients manage network and enterprise growth and management, including wire line, wireless and IP networking, broadband, cloud computing, data center management, operations, and consolidation, disaster management, interoperability, and virtualization.
  • We support commercial and government planning initiatives associated with fixed, broadcast, and mobile satellite services, earth exploration and science satellites, and radio navigation satellites. We cover the ground to the sky and back, and from the enterprise to the dish, wherever that dish transmits and receives.
  • We assist in the establishment of a regulatory structure that fosters innovation, market development and competition that benefits a nation’s financial, economic and social development goals.
  • We help developing and emerging nation governments and their business partners to define the scope, operational parameters and budgets for major ICT and related infrastructure projects.
  • We identify prospective partners and alliances for such projects, help establish working relationships, and staff and manage cross-cultural and multi-functional work teams.
  • We provide on-site project and operations management for these ICT and related infrastructure projects in countries where adverse or high-risk situations may be in play.
  • We develop ICT projects that increase government transparency and accountability (governance), while reducing opportunities for illicit behaviors. We transform enterprise and government service delivery through improved operations, redefined work processes, and as is feasible and appropriate, by empowering employees and citizens to access and utilize information in an open and shared manner.
  • We provide arbitration, mediation and negotiation services for governments, private sector companies, consultants, financial institutions, and attorneys involved in complex international projects.

We bring a deep and diverse 25-year project history to our clients, along with the wisdom, care and expertise that a highly-specialized, nimble and experienced organization can deliver.

To date, our teams have worked on over 75 Information and Communications Technology (ICT), cyber security, utility, and infrastructure projects from concept design through implementation in more than 50 countries. Our most senior professionals continue to provide advice and counsel to top ICT decision makers in both government and industry around the world.

We are proud to have served clients in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, the Balkans, the Baltics, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, China, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, South America, South East Asia, and the United States.

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