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Connecting the Planet - A Proud International History

Global Resources is privileged to work with international clients whom we respect, admire and enjoy. Most of our clients represent thousands, and in many cases, millions of people as they build or manage networks, process data so we can all move within and across a country’s borders, or modernize operations and procedures so that planes fly safely, emergency phone calls lead to a fast citizen response, or an individual’s access to needed information is accelerated and made more secure. Every client is supporting its nation’s financial, economic and social development, and by building more effective communications, is often supporting a critical corporate mission, national development agenda, or ensuring sustainable shareholder value.

At the same time, because we primarily work in and with emerging and developing countries, our clients typically face challenging resource constraints. Developing countries may often include labor shortages, skewed income distributions, restrictions on movements of capital or goods, or a limited access to quality or timely data that makes doing one’s job just that more difficult. Emerging countries typically have a stronger industrial economy with increasing integration into the global marketplace and an expanding middle class. Standards of living will be improving, but along with growth, there can be increasing strains on infrastructure, with accelerating economic activity limited to specific geographic zones or industries. And there are no guarantees that even with growth, equal access – to a job or a communication network – will be present.

We always seem to find that even though our clients work in locations fraught with formidable obstacles, they retain inspiration and commitment.

And so do we.

We believe that every interaction for every project provides us an opportunity to do our best. We are grateful for our clients’ trust, especially on issues that are sensitive or have serious consequence. We are honored to hire only the best - professionals whom we define as individuals who bring their hearts, along with their heads, to every engagement. And we remain committed to delivering projects of the highest quality and integrity, whether we conduct a due diligence, design the most complex satellite and its business plan, arbitrate a tangled contracting situation between a country’s government and a foreign-owned supplier, or negotiate a complex multi-party ICT and infrastructure investment.

Our teams delve into each client’s concerns, discovering and capturing the core business or delivery challenges and finding ways to engage all stakeholders, as we strive to create sustainable ICT and infrastructure solutions, with quantifiable and effective financial, economic and social development benefits.

We do this with each client, each time, on every project, for every bit, byte and petabyte of information we have had the pleasure to help route around this planet.

And every time, we say: thank you for your trust, and the opportunity to serve.

Welcome to our friends and colleagues from around the world, and Global Resources.

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